I started working as a freelance interpreter and translator in 2007.

I studied translation studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin with English and Russian as major subjects. After graduation, I started working in my profession and gaining experience as an interpreter. I worked at conferences as a simultaneous interpreter (“hidden” from the audience in an interpreter's booth), as a consecutive interpreter on stage next to the speaker and, last but not least, as a chuchotage interpreter (sitting in the audience and whispering into the back of my clients' heads). I have proved myself as an interpreter at round tables, awards shows and opening ceremonies, workshops, tutorials, negotiations and in community interpreting (in cooperation with state authorities as courts, police, customs etc.) in Estonia and in Germany. 


In addition to my university diploma I passed a state examination and may call myself a state-certified interpreter. I was sworn in as an interpreter and authorised as a translator for the Federal Lands of Berlin, Saxony and Brandenburg. 


As an authorised translator, I am entitled to issue certified translations. Certified translations of civil status documents, court documents and other legal texts are part of my everyday work. Very interesting but rather rare assignments are translations of movie subtitles and poems.


Having completed my translation studies in Berlin I attended a basic course of pedagogy at the department of education of the University of Tartu, Estonia. After successful completion of the course I started offering language lessons and gained experience as a language teacher with smaller and larger groups of absolute beginners and intermediate learners. 


My mother tongues are Estonian and Russian. Upon request I will gladly  send you my detailed CV. 


You can find me in the database of translators and interpreters created by the State Justice Administrations of the Federal Republic of Germany and via the following professional organisations: Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators BDÜ, the Estonian Association of Translators and Interpreters ETTL and the Estonian Association of Masters in Conference Interpreting and Translation ETML.